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I am a veteran of the United States Navy, wife to a loving and supportive husband, mom to two smart and talented adult and almost an adult children. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be creating a website to expand my part time hobby turned business I would have:

1. Thought that clearly they haven't watched me on any technical device and

2. Aren't websites created magically by Wizards!? 


I originally started down this road about 4 years ago to make things for my daughter and her drill team. The road curved a bit when the owners of this cute little gift boutique that I work at asked if I would be interested in cutting vinyl decals to offer to our customers. Well, of course I would! I love doing it and it makes me so happy when a customer comes in to pick up their gift order and they smile with satisfaction when I show them the end product.


Fast forward to this year, my daughter is in college and studying abroad, my husband travels globally and I am left here in Texas with a teenaged alien, I mean boy, and I needed something to fill my time to keep my mom brain from freaking out that my daughter was halfway around the world. This is where I happened to run across a glittered tumbler online and decided I needed that in my life! It was also Super Bowl Sunday and my friend Lily was game (pun intended) to come and dive into this glitter tumbler awesomeness with me while the men were consumed with football. It makes me giggle to think back to that day. Rubber gloves, glitter EVERYWHER, spray painting on cardboard in my driveway, mixing & applying the first batch of epoxy, boy was there a learning curve....and there continues to be a learning curve almost daily with this process. 


I love the creative outlet that this hobby turned business affords me. I have the worlds best friends, family, and customers that lift me up, advertise for me and request designs that challenge and stretch my creative abilities. I am so enjoying this chapter of my life and will ride it out as long as the orders keep coming in!   Thanks so much for your faith in me~



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