This is my current inventory which is ready for personalization and shipment. These are one of a kind and I do NOT have duplicates. First come, first served. 

*Shipping is extra and costs only what it costs me to ship the item to you, rounded up to the nearest dollar. 

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Dance Mom $40
Corkcicle 32oz Gold with black glitter decal. Currently Unsealed.
SOLD! Lone Star $40
Corkcicle 32oz in Navy. Unsealed. Decal is done in silver glitter and gray vinyl.
Fall Girl $55
The colors scream FALL! Ozark Trail 20oz/2 color layered decal.
Milky Way Maroon $55
Maroon & Silver glitter with white swirls. Ozark Trail 20oz.
Milk Way Pink $55
Various colors and sizes of pink glitters w/ light pink & white swirls. Ozark trail 20oz.
Christmas YETI $60
Red w/Green shimmer and red chunky glitter. Yeti 20oz.
SOLD! Rose Gold YETI $60
Solid Rose Gold glitter YETI 20oz.
Blk & Gold Marble $45
Ozark trail 20oz. Black with Gold shimmer streaks.
Hot Pink & Navy Marble $45
Hot Pink & Navy steaks with a hint of Hot Pink Glitter. Ozark Trail 20oz.
Jolly! $50
Red and Green swirls with red chunky glitter. Ozark Trail 20oz w/black Jolly decal.
Turq & Black Marble $45
Turq and black marble swirl. Ozark Trail 20oz
Hot Pink & Navy Mica $40
Ozark Trail 20oz
Baylor Mica $40
Green & Gold Baylor. Ozark Trail 20oz
Turq & Purple Mica $40
Ozark Trail 20oz
Galaxy Mica $50
Black/Grey/Pinks and and silver shimmer. Ozark Trail 20oz
SOLD! Bloom Alcohol Ink $55
Floral hand done in alcohol inks and gold vinyl leaves. Decal says "Bloom where you are planted". Ozark Trail 20oz
Baby Jesus $35
This is a 14oz stainless steel tumbler with a plastic straw. The lid also has a plug for the straw hole and has an opening for sipping. Baby Jesus has a bit of hand painted glitter on the decal.
Warm & Cozy $40
Browns, burgandy, & Rose Gold micas mixed w/glitter
HP & Orange Mica $35
Ozark Trail Wine Goblet
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Texas Tech $45
A Peek A Boo (Glitter peeking through the paint) This Ozark Trail wine goblet has medium sized polka dots with the glitter showing through on the back and sides of this cup.
Gold Geode $45
Gold glitter base with gold and cream paint over top and then parts of paint removed to let glitter show through. Ozark Trail Wine goblet
SOLD! Turquoise Geode $45
Turq. Purple & Lime green. Glitter and paint. Then areas of the paint are removed to let glitter show through. Ozark Trail Wine Goblet.
Pink Goblet $40
Various shades of pink glitter with Pink, white and chocolate brown micas swirled on top. Ozark Trail Wine Goblet
Blue Goblet $40
Navy & Turquoise glitters with turquoise & white mica swirled on top.
Too Legit $25
Rose Gold Ozark Trail Wine Goblet
North Pole $35
Red Glitter with light green mica on top with Gold vinyl decal. Ozark Trail Wine Goblet
Let It Snow YETI $70
Navy w/a hint of silver glitter. Large snowflake hand painted with glitter. Yeti brand 30oz
30oz Blue Mica $50
Blue and gray mica over a white base. Ozark Trail 30oz
30oz Pink Mica $45
Various shades of pink mica over a hot pink base w/just a hint of hot pink glitter. Ozark Trail 30oz.
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Chromashift Bee $65
A chromashift mica was used for the bee and changes color depending on the lighting. This is a 30oz YETI.
SOLD!! 30oz Turquoise Mica $50
Various shades of blues and turq with brown mica. Ozark Trail 30oz
Texas Tech $50
Texas Tech drizzle cup. Ozark Trail 30oz
Green Alcohol Ink $30
Stripes done with alcohol ink with a bit of large chunky glitter hand placed to give it some sparkle. 10oz Ozark Trail.
Weird Science Mica $40
This mica shifts between purple and blue. Purple large chunky glitter was hand placed around the cup. 10oz Ozark Trail.
Sailor Bear $40
A green and yellow "dirty pour" is what they call this technique. 10oz Ozark Trail.
Green Dragon $45
Changes color in different lighting. 10oz Ozark Trail.
Initial Charm $8
Buy 3 or more and get one free! Email me to see what I have in stock for your letter selections.
Initial Charm $8
Buy 3 get one free!
Initial charm $8
Buy 3 get one free!
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