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FEBRUARY!? Say it isn't so!! The older I get the faster time goes.

How was everybody's January? I did my usual "pull my life back together" and ponder what I want to accomplish for the new year. This is a big year for me. It is leading up to my 50th birthday in December. I want to be better at 50 than I was at 49. That is my ultimate goal. Feel better and look better at 50 than I did the previous year at 49. Doable right?

Well, we will see......

Also on my radar is maintaining my social media (Facebook & Instagram) and this website better than I have been. They are such a TIME SUCKER!! Mostly because I am not proficient in this technical realm. There is ALWAYS a learning curve involved, possible cussing, wine & maybe even tears...but I am committed to getting & being better at it.

This months 'website maintenance' is going to consist of featuring a few items that would be great Valentine's Day gifts. Pricing includes personalization. Shipping would be whatever it costs me to send to ya. The prices for these items are on the website. You can email me through this site or through Facebook (Navy Girl Custom Gifts) / Instagram (navygirlcustomgifts)

Have a great February and check out my Instagram account for the latest and greatest daily posts. I maintain that account the most!! There is a button on my HOME page that you can click to go right to it!

Much love, Andrea


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